Fraud & Financial Crime Asia 2022

Hosted by Regulation Asia

13th July (online) 

14th July (in person, Singapore)

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Event Open

08:55 AM HKT/SGT Online

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Opening Remarks

09:25 AM HKT/SGT Online

Bradley Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Regulatory Keynote: Innovative Ways of Working in AML/CFT: Collaboration Powered by Data, Technology and Analytics

09:30 AM HKT/SGT Online

Carmen Chu, Executive Director (Enforcement and AML), HKMA

Panel 1: Redefining Risk: Sanctions and the Global Battle Against State-Backed Bad Actors

09:45 - 10:30 AM HKT/SGT Online

Despite decades of heightened financial regulation and oversight, recent sanctions against Russian have put a spotlight on the world's financial hubs and their problems with dirty money. This panel will discuss opportunities this presents to crack down on corruption and illicit financial flows, as the global tide turns against kleptocracy.

Jay Deans, Former Global Head of Sanctions, Natwest
Aubrey Belford, Editor (Pacific), The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)
Brian Hsu, Head of CEP and CO
David A. Wolber, Of Counsel, Gibson Dunn

Bradley Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Panel 2: Disrupted Trade: Supply Chains, Global Security, and Money Laundering

10:30 - 11:15 AM HKT/SGT Online

From the pandemic related disruptions to sanctions and trade restrictions, global supply chains have been put under unprecedented pressure. Clogged ports and other logistical strains not only slow the free flow of goods and services and increase pricing pressures; they also provide the perfect cover for bad actors to channel illicit funds through low friction trade channels.

Douglas Wolfson Senior Sales Director, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions
Jeremy Moller Senior Advisor - Risk Advisory, Norton Rose Fullbright
Azeem Azmi, Managing Director, Regional Head Trade Finance, Group Transaction Banking, CIMB

Moderated by Manesh Samtani, Editor, Regulation Asia

Networking Break

11:15 - 11:30 AM HKT/SGT Online

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Fireside Chat: Messages for APAC on Sanctions Compliance & Enforcement

11:30 - 11:50 AM HKT/SGT Online

The rapid deployment of sanctions and trade restrictions in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have made it more important than ever for financial institutions to have robust compliance programmes in place. Sanctions compliance has long been a complex challenge for financial institutions, particularly those that operate on a cross-border basis. In this session, Ari Redbord talks to OFAC’s Emily Williams about how firms can mitigate their exposure to US sanctions risk.

Emily Williams, Enforcement Officer, U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control

Hosted by Ari Redbord, Head of Legal and Government Affairs, TRM Labs

Panel 3: Rising Expectations: KYC, Ongoing Monitoring, Name Screening

11:50AM - 12:35 PM HKT/SGT Online

Regulators have been increasing focus on customer risk, placing increased pressure on financial institutions and crypto firms to gather richer KYC and contextual data, monitor customer behaviour, and intensify their screening sophistication and capabilities. This panel will delve into new guidance and regulatory expectations on managing customer risk.

Grace Then, Assistant Director, Financial Crime Practice Lead, ASEAN, Moody's Analytics
Chon Yoong Lai, AML & Sanctions Expert
Ajit Singh, Director, Legal Compliance, Mastercard
Neha Bhargava, Head of KYC (Singapore), Deputy Head of KYC (APAC), Goldman Sachs

Moderated by Nick Wakefield, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Presentation: KYC Reviews – from Periodic to Perpetual: A Blueprint for Success

12:35 - 12:55 PM HKT/SGT Online

With rising financial crime, changing sanction measures and increased regulatory scrutiny, the need for an automated and perpetual KYC has never been greater. According to a Fenergo survey, it can take up to 240 days to carry out a KYC review for a high-risk client. That’s 166% longer than originally planned. Huge amounts of resources are spent collecting data and performing manual, error prone and costly KYC reviews. Fenergo’s Kevin O’Leary will discuss how financial institutions can move to a Perpetual KYC model that streamlines KYC operations using data, analytics, and automation to reduce the cost and time involved in conducting periodic reviews.

Kevin O'Leary, Transaction Solutions Director, Fenergo

Panel 4: Follow the Crypto: Overcoming SoW/SoF Challenges with Digital Assets

12:55 - 1:40 PM HKT/SGT Online

Nearly half of millennial millionaires having at least 25 percent of their wealth in crypto. This next generation of wealth is acutely aware of compliance "requirements", but with little affinity for traditional KYC procedures. This panel will explore emerging technologies and techniques to achieve and maintain high standards for source of wealth and source of funds checks, while still meeting the needs of the digitally enabled consumers.

Tom Armstrong, Compliance Advisor, TRM Labs
Rosalind Lazar, Director, Licensing, Global Compliance, Binance
Shu Jian Choo, Director, Financial Crime Compliance, Bank of Singapore
Irene Lee, Private Wealth Management Compliance Lead, Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited & Board of Directors, FTAHK

Moderated by Bradley Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Networking Break

1:40 - 1:55 PM HKT/SGT Online

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Panel 5: Broken Promises: A Deep Dive into Crypto’s Fraud Problem

1:55 - 2:40 PM HKT/SGT Online

Despite efforts by regulators and market participants, the crypto sector continues to suffer frequent setbacks from frauds. From rug-pulls to NFT scams, this panel will explore how bad actors are exploiting new ecosystems, and how supervisors, law enforcement agencies, and the financial and crypto industries can combat these activities.

Tim Dalgleish, VP Global Advisory, BioCatch
Igor Sonkin, Head of Fraud, Banxa
Andy Meehan, Chief Compliance Officer (Asia), Gemini

Moderated by Jeremy Moller, Senior Advisor - Risk Advisory, Norton Rose Fullbright

Panel 6: New Payment Methods and Digitally Enabled Money Laundering

2:40 - 3:25 PM HKT/SGT Online

From crypto and stablecoins to emerging protocols and fintech gateways, new payment methods present opportunities for bad actors to transfer value across borders. This panel will discuss the different ways emerging payment mechanisms can be used for illicit purposes, how regulators and law enforcement agencies are targeting bad actors, and the technology tools and controls firms are putting in place to manage risk.

Tung Li Lim, Senior Policy Advisor, APAC, Elliptic
Ben Bowden, Head of Compliance and Regulatory, APAC, CurrencyCloud
Nathan Newman, Executive Intelligence and Risk Assessment, National Australia Bank

Moderated by Zennon Kapron, Managing Director, Kapronasia

Networking Break

3:25 - 3:40 PM HKT/SGT Online

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Panel 7: Financial Crime and Due Diligence in the Era of Sustainability

3:40 - 4:25 PM HKT/SGT Online

Financial crime is a significant contributor to the lack of global success in achieving the UN's sustainability goals. In response, regulators have increased focus on corruption, fraud and money laundering as part of efforts to meet their international commitments on sustainability. This panel will explore emerging approaches to detecting environmental crime through intensified scrutiny on financial flows, leveraging red flag detection, network analytics, behaviour analysis and transaction monitoring.

Daragh Tracey, Senior Strategy Manager, Fenergo
Naomi Doak, Regional Coordinator, Counter Wildlife Trafficking, Wildlife Conservation Society
John Dodsworth, Senior Program Advisor, WWF UK
Rashmi Dubier, Managing Director, APAC Head of AML, MUFG

Moderated by Prof Lapman Lee, Professor of Practice (ESG, FinTech, Governance), Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Panel 8: Know Your Third Party: Mitigating Corruption and Bribery Risk

4:25 - 5:10 PM HKT/SGT Online

The vast majority of anti-bribery related enforcement actions brought by authorities have been the result of the conduct of third parties. Such actions can pose significant costs to financial institutions, in the form of fines, investigation expenses and other remediation costs. This panel will discuss the policies, third party due diligence procedures, and incentive structures banks should have in place to detect and prevent such risks.

Ivan Heard, Global Head of Fraud Solutions, Quantexa
Liliya Barchuk, Head, Anti-bribery and Corruption, Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
Ravin Kaur, Senior Policy Advisor, Companies Commission of Malaysia

Moderated by Manesh Samtani, Editor, Regulation Asia

Closing Remarks

5:10 PM HKT/SGT Online

Nick Wakefield, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Event Open

12:00 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

Registration and Networking

Opening Remarks

12:25 PM Andaz Singapore

Nick Wakefield, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Panel 1: A Hyper Connected World: Fighting the Fraud Epidemic

12:30 - 1:20 PM Andaz Singapore

Scam, sham, scheme, flimflam, swindle, or con—whatever the name, fraud is an age-old crime. However, it has drastically evolved in recent years, driven by faster payment channels and cyber-enabled bad actors. Far from the small-scale individual acts or larger corporate offences of the past, organised high-volume fraud has now reached epidemic levels, posing a growing threat to national security and financial stability.

Vo Thanh Tai, Director Marketing Planning, Fraud & Identity – APAC, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions
Will Tully, Regional Head Of Fraud, ASP WPB, HSBC
Lim Kah-Wee, Director - Payment Fraud Disruption, Visa

Moderated by Bradley Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Fireside Chat: Using Behavioural Biometric Profiling to Protect your Business from Money Mules

1:20 - 1:40 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

Mule accounts play a critical role in fraud and money laundering processes. In light of the complexities involved in identifying such activity, this session will focus on the personas and common behaviours financial institutions should be on the lookout for, as well as the emerging technologies, tools and best practices that can help to guard against the financial, reputational and regulatory risks associated with mule accounts.

Tim Dalgleish, VP Global Advisory, BioCatch

Hosted by Nick Wakefield, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Panel 2: Sanctions Compliance: Assessing Risk and Preventing Evasion

1:40 - 2:30 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

Earlier this year, Singapore announced wide-ranging sanctions and export controls over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, just the second time in the city state’s history that it is has censured a foreign nation without direction from the UN Security Council. Sanctions compliance has become ever more complex in recent years. This panel will discuss the sanctions-related challenges experienced by financial institutions and crypto exchanges operating in the city, as well as expectations from regulators on the measures that should be taken to assess risk and prevent evasion.

Natalie Curtis, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
Grace Chong, Head of Financial Regulatory (SG), Gibson Dunn
Jason Norman Lee, Managing Director Legal and Regulatory, Temasek

Moderated by Guy Sheppard, General Manager Financial Services, Aboitiz Data Innovation

Networking Break

2:30 - 2:50 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

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Panel 3: Ending the Shell Game: A Data-driven Approach to Corporate KYC

2:50 - 3:40 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

The use of shell companies by criminal actors to hide illicit profits has been a long-standing problem hindering AML efforts. This panel will discuss the work underway to shine a spotlight on anonymous corporate structures, and the so-called ‘gatekeepers’ that enable them. We discuss global efforts to improve beneficial ownership transparency, bring professional enablers under the AML regulatory remit, and enhance customer lifecycle risk management with entity resolution and network analytics techniques.

Matthew Field, APAC AML Market Director, NICE Actimize
Raaj Kumar Khetan, APAC Head, Global KYC Policy Oversight & Governance, Citibank
S Suressh, Partner, Harry Elias Partnership

Moderated by Manesh Samtani, Editor, Regulation Asia

Presentation: The Far-reaching Consequences and Practical Challenges of Sanctions Inflation

3:40 - 4:00 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

Since January 2017, the number of sanctioned persons globally has increased by 255 percent. Over 47,000 individuals and entities are now sanctioned globally. In this session, sanctions specialist Michael Meadon will discuss the growing complexity of sanctions regimes, the importance of having a formal design mindset to screening, the interconnectedness of sanctions with other types of risks, and how financial institutions can ensure compliance.

Michael Meadon, Proposition Sales Director, Risk, APAC, Refinitiv

Panel 4: TBML Unmasked: Illicit Trade, Sanctions Busting, Vessel Identity and PF Risk

4:00 - 4:50 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

Open water ship-to-ship transfers, vessel identity laundering and other illicit practices are commonly cited as ways for sanctioned states and entities to bypass trade restrictions and other bad actors to launder money. This panel will explore common sanctions evasion and TBML typologies and red flags, focusing on the data, due diligence and controls financial institutions should have in place to detect and prevent risk.

Nathanael Lin Partner, Shipping and International Trade, Rajah & Tann
Kelvin Toh, Head of Sanctions and Transaction Monitoring, HSBC
Cliff Lim, Director of Risk and Compliance (Southeast Asia), Dow Jones

Moderated by Bradley Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia

Closing Remarks

4:50 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

Bradley Maclean and Nick Wakefield, Co-Founders, Regulation Asia

Post-event Cocktail Reception

4:55 - 7 PM The Glasshouse, Andaz Singapore

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